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A Paige of Publishing Podcast is a captivating exploration into the world of writing, publishing, and the inspiring stories behind successful authors.

Hosted by leading book publicist Paige Dungan, this podcast invites accomplished writers, industry experts, and emerging talents to share their unique journeys, from the initial spark of an idea to the triumphant publication of their books.

Each episode offers an intimate look at the challenges, victories, and invaluable insights garnered along the way. Through engaging conversations, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the creative process, discover practical tips for aspiring authors, and find inspiration in the diverse narratives that define the ever-evolving landscape of publishing.

Whether you're an established writer seeking motivation or someone contemplating their first literary venture, A Paige of Publishing Podcast is a compelling resource brimming with encouragement, wisdom, and the unending possibilities within the world of books.

Launching January 2024

About Paige Dungan

Paige Dungan is a highly regarded figure in the world of publishing, renowned for her exceptional skills as a creative publicist.

Before establishing her own industry-leading book public relations agency, The Front Porch Collective, Paige served as the Head of PR & Talent at SUCCESS magazine. It was during her tenure at SUCCESS magazine that she embarked on her career in author and book campaigns. Now, with over 15 years of industry experience, Paige has honed her expertise, shaping her into the accomplished and respected professional she is today.

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